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Goal Setting: Takeaways from Spence Club's Kickstart 2017 Breakfast


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Goal Setting: Takeaways from Spence Club's Kickstart 2017 Breakfast

Lauren Zwaans

This morning I attended Spence Club's Kickstart 2017 Breakfast on the topic of goal setting at The Flying Fig Deli in North Adelaide.

In case you're unfamiliar with Spence Club, it's a networking group for young female professionals; a community of like-minded women who are focused on achieving great things in their careers, their lives more generally, and the community. Spence Club members are passionate about South Australia - and retaining talent in our home state - as well as furthering gender equality outcomes both here and further afield.

This morning we heard from You Legal CEO, Sarah Bartholomeusz. Faced with redundancy while she was pregnant with her second child, Sarah took the opportunity to launch her own law firm. The highly experienced corporate lawyer has now forged a successful career as a CEO, entrepreneur and author. You can also find her on TEDx

Here are a few of my take-home messages from this morning's session that can be applied to business owners, my clients, organisations great and small; everyone, really.


1. "Believe you can and you're right, believe you can't and you're also right"
One of the best messages from this morning, this quote was a great precursor to our goal setting work, and highlights the power of positive thinking and self-belief. Sarah says she keeps a journal where she records her successes to maintain motivation.

2. Our Health Impacts on Everything
This might seem obvious, but work can sometimes feel a little bit like a treadmill that doesn't stop. Letting our health fall to the wayside will ultimately affect our work, our relationships, everything. Whether it's burning the midnight oil, or eating way too much junk food on the go, we all need to be reminded that good health is key to all of our goals.

3. Visualise The Future You Want
Sarah says this might start with visualising your perfect day, and then considering what your perfect year looks like. These questions and this visualisation are essential for goal setting.

4. Prioritise Your Goals
Having a list of 20 or even 10 goals may be unrealistic. Prioritise your goals, setting yourself a handful of top goals and prioritising these in order of importance and based on the length of time it will take to achieve them.

5. Treat Yo' Self
Reward your efforts. Sarah says making both your goals and your rewards tangible will help to keep you on track!

Thanks to Sarah and Spence Club for creating such an insightful workshop today!

Photo: The Flying Fig Deli